Evolution of a Song-Week Two

Week Two-"Loser"


(This is me in Queens-there are so many cool graffiti spots around!:)

This song "Loser" was written on a day when I really wanted to go have a happy hour drink/snack with a friend. You know how sometimes, you just want a beer and the feeling doesn't go away until you have one? Well that was me that day. I called everyone I knew but I was unsuccessful-nobody was free to drink with me. Or I would have to wait a few hours (gasp!).

So I opened the fridge (or went to the corner store to get one-I can't quite remember) and I cracked open my Modelo Especial. It tasted goooooood:) I think part of my wanting a drink was the "going out" part. I was feeling stir crazy. So even though the beer tasted goooooood, I wanted to be anywhere except for home alone. So, I picked up my guitar.

The song is born out of that feeling. I really was drinking booze all by myself and just making fun of myself for feeling like I did. I'm sure it's a sentiment a lot of us can relate to. But writing the song definitely made the afternoon worth being alone for.

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