Evolution of a Song-Week Uno

I cannot believe I'm actually doing this. I can't believe the day is here. I have been planning and thinking about this project for a few months now. With the move to NY, the start date has been moved a few times. It was a good lesson for going with the flow and surrendering to the project instead of trying to control it and start it when it wasn't the right time. But now is the right time. I liked the idea of starting it on the 1st of the month. So August 1st it is. On this here blog, I am going to write the "Evolution of the Song" where I'll talk about how the song came about. But the only way to listen to the song, is to sign up for my list! You can do that here--->

So without further ado...


Week One: "Blue"

I wrote this song while I was still in San Francisco. It was actually right after I made the decision to do "Song in Your Box" so I figured it'd be the perfect first song. I remember coming home after work one night around 10pm and feeling like I wanted to cry. Feeling like I didn't know what to do with that emotion. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 4 years which is, as most of us know, not fun to say the least. So, I picked up my guitar.

I think I was texting with my best friend. Either that night or another time. And one of the things she always says, is that "tomorrow is a new day". You might feel horrible, sad, lonely (insert adjective here), but tomorrow is a new beginning and you can feel something else.

So, that is where the song was born out of. Trying to tell myself (and you too:) that tomorrow is a new day. It's a sentiment that always makes me feel better. If I just go to sleep, today will be over and I can start anew in the morning. Usually, it works wonders:)

So, if you want to hear the song "Blue", sign up for my list! You'll hear that song and you'll get a Song in Your Box every week. I am so thrilled to start this project and to have you here with me. See you in your box:)

love, Dana