Song in Your Box, Week Twenty-Seven

(Behind the scene shots at my photo shoot. Got some great ones from Shervin Lainez)

Week Twenty-Seven, "Hello"

Moving right along into the second half of my project. There have been many points at which I wonder "Why the hell am I doing this?" and "Do I really need 52 songs?"...(the answers to which are "to work on my craft" and "no"). But I continue miraculously, churning out song after song and hoping for improvement and maybe even a little fun!

This week I started one song on the piano which I love the chorus to but could not for the life of me find the verse. So I wrote a different little number on the piano (if ever there was a ditty, it would be that one), and then picked up my guitar and wrote this one at the last minute! And so it goes. Sometimes you can plan to write a song (or make any other kind of plan) and life just gives you a whole nother (yes I know that's not a word) song/plan/sandwich (insert noun that life might give you).

So I played with the rhythm of this song, and I love it. So much fun. I think trying new things, and getting out of my comfort zone,with my songs and in just general is crucial. So this song "Hello" is the final result.

I am super stoked to play Rockwood Music Hall next Wednesday February 6th at 9:00pm. All you New Yorkers, I'd love to see all your faces there. I need all the support I can get for my first big show in NYC! Then it's off to Philly for a couple shows there!

Thanks as always for watching/listening.

All my love,


p.s. check it out! I am the featured artist in Pen's Eye View. Really great blog and interview!