Song in Your Box, Week Twenty-Eight

Week Twenty-Eight, "Your Love"- Hey Party People!

This week's song is a piano song. Finally. I think I only have one other one so far which is really quite surprising because I love playing the piano. I guess lately, the guitar has been the thing I go to. It's easier to play late at night and I can do it in my room:)

This is the song that I tried to work on last week but couldn't find the verse to. I got some insight from my musician friend and I saw it in a whole new light. The format is a little different than most of my songs but I think it works and I enjoy singing it.

It's pretty straight forward and is a nice little song that I think you'll like and hopefully relate to. There's definitely a patience theme in my life and I feel like I'm getting to the point where I have faith in the outcome, so I can wait. And so a song is born.

I am playing on Wednesday at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 and I'm so excited. I hope to see all you New Yorkers there. 9pm. Gonna be a great time!

Without further ado, "Your Love"

MY love,