U2, Jimmy Fallon, & Ordinary Love

I'm just going to dive right in to this week's post. I am absolutely obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. I think he is the most charming, funniest, most lovable guy on TV. I watched his first week of hosting The Tonight Show like a.....I can't even come up with anything to describe it. Voracious is a word that comes to mind.

One of the best things about Jimmy (yeah we're on a first-name basis) is how comfortable he makes the guests feel. And he ALWAYS knows just what to say.

His first night hosting he had U2 on. They performed on a rooftop somewhere in Manhattan, and it was cool, but wasn't anything to write home about (or blog about either.)

Then he had them sit on the couch. And in true Jimmy fashion, he put them on the spot by asking them to perform right there in the studio, acoustic style.

While I was watching, I was literally clapping and cheering and just amazed at what a great TV moment it was. You'll see what I'm talking about when you watch. The best moment comes around the 2:16 mark so you'll know what I mean (and keep watching!:)

I LOVE that Bono made the request that he did. (again, you'll see. I don't want to ruin it for you!) Not to mention the song is so catchy.

Just watch! and let me know if you think it's as big a TV moment as I did. It's too good not to share.

In Love and Music, Dana