Hello creative soul,

I’m so happy that you want to work with me. I want to work with you too. Over the years I’ve written well over 100 songs, and like all artists dealt with the ebbs and flow of creativity and inspiration. But over the last couple of years, I’ve really honed in on what are the crucial steps to be inspired and creative every day, -not just when “it hits”.

During my "Song in Your Box" project, where I wrote one song a week for a year, there were challenges and victories and so many priceless lessons. About commitment, dedication, and inspiration. 

I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Together we will work on mindset shifts that need to happen in order for you to get your creativity on the daily. Be your creative best on the daily.

We will talk about how inspiration is not outside of you-it’s something you have to find and bring within yourself.

And then of course we’ll get into the techniques of songwriting. The daily practices you need to be doing in order to write your best songs.

Some of these include-setting a morning ritual, exercise and other things you wouldn’t think had anything to do with creating songs.

If songwriting is something you’ve been wanting to try but have been too scared to start, I’m here to tell you that NOW is the time. And it’s not scary at all. It’s the most fun and rewarding outlet ever.

If you’ve been songwriting for a while and just want that extra push, I’m here to give it too. Maybe you can’t seem to finish songs, or you only write a couple a year because that’s the only time that “inspiration hits”. Well, I got some good news. I’m here to help and we can bust through those blocks together.

There are 2 options to work with me. We can set up an hour skype lesson where we talk about what you’ve been doing, where you want to go, and what your ultimate goals with songwriting or any creative endeavor is. (that’s right folks, it’s not just for songwriters. The methods I employ are for every endeavor, artistic or business-related)

*If you are in NYC, we can meet in person! My favorite option!:)

An hour skype lesson will look something like this. 

We introduce ourselves and I ask you about your habits of songwriting and creating. Do you sing melodies, do you start on the piano or guitar, do you not play piano or guitar?

Then I’ll introduce some new habits to incorporate to ensure you are actually sitting down to write the songs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that there is no way around doing the work.

The other way to work with me is to have me analyze your songs. You can send me a song you’ve been working on, or a studio version of a song and I will give you feedback. If your song is so perfect that I have nothing to say, then we have an hour skype lesson, where we work on things you’ve been having problems with.

Maybe you want to write in a new style-I can help you with that.

Who this is for-

Working with me requires just that-work. I’ve learned that there is no magic potion or silver bullet that will take you where you want to go. You are the elixer you need in order to get there.

-So if you’re committed to doing the work and staying on the path

-If you’re ready to let go of the limiting beliefs about creativity and inspiration

-If you believe that getting out of your comfort zone is essential to growth

-If you can answer this question with a resounding yes! “In 10 years will I regret it If I DON’T do this (go after my passion) “

-Then press the button and let’s get started.

You might be wondering what my qualifications are:

I have a B.A. in music from NYU
I have been writing songs for over a decade
I have attended many songwriting conferences and learned a lot that I want to impart to you
I am proud to say my songs have won awards and been finalists in many competitions
I have recorded an EP, an album, a music video and understand what it takes to make a good record.