Week Ten, "Walk to You"

Once in a while I think of you, of what it would be like
To sit on my front steps and stare so deeply in your eyes
I wonder what you’d say to me and if you’d hold my hand
Whisper in my ears, or talk as loudly as you can

That you would be my man

I walk to you

Are you looking at the moon, the same one that I see?
Do you see her face and does it make you think of me?
Does the wind blow through my hair then reach you where you are
Can you feel my skin and know that I am not that far?

No I am never far

I walk to you

I go where you go

If you were a compass baby, you would be by north
I could close my eyes and see the brightness of your star
Cuz you wouldn’t be far....not far not far

I walk to you