The first thing I want you to do is enter your name and email into the space to the right to get your first challenge. Yes, that’s right boo...It’s a rewrite challenge.

I explain it more once you’re in there (with some awesome examples from my own work), but essentially you’re to take a song that you’ve placed in the “ save for later” pile, and put it in the “working on now” pile. It can be a song that you don’t like, or a song that you love but can’t get the right words, melodies, bridge etc.

The idea here is just to "get your practice on" in sitting down and doing the work. In confronting something that you’re having challenges with and working through it (quite the metaphor for life too, ain’t it?)

The next thing I want you to do is SHARE the challenge. Tell your songwriting partner, your best friend, your boyfriend. It’s way more fun and likely that you’ll stick to it when you have some accountability.

When you’re done with your rewrite, post the old version AND the newer version on soundcloud (or in dropbox) and send me the link to to win either a free feedback session OR a ticket to my next workshop (if you’re in the NYC area). I do a lottery once a month. 

If you're feeling REALLY courageous, post your rewrite versions in the comments below and we can start the dialogue here with other songwriters as well;)