This is a song I wrote for "Song in Your Box" and it was week 9. It is still a favorite and I always get a lot of people telling me they love it after my shows. It is soon to be recorded but I felt like playing it in my room that day over the summer and just found it!

TOP SONGS of "Song in Your Box" Week Fifty-One, "Castle"

Week Fifteen-"Living in a Dream"

Week Nine- "Talking to Myself"

This is a cover that I did of the Cure Song "Let's Go to Bed". I love the way it turned out.

01 Let's Go to Bed by Danacarmel

My Favorite song I think, is still "The Difference".

06 The Difference by Danacarmel

My favorite one to play out (and a crowd favorite) is "Running Away"

05 Running Away by Danacarmel