FREquently Asked Questions

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1. What is a serenade? 

The Cambridge Dictionary defines serenade as such:
Verb: To play a piece of music or sing for someone, especially a woman, while standing outside her house at night Think: Romeo and Juliet

2. Will you be performing live?

I will be performing live, through Video (I send you a link and all you have to do is click) at the designated time that we decide upon. I will not be playing underneath your beloved's window:)

3. Can you play any song?

If you have special songs you want me to play, I will learn them given enough time and given that they are at my skill level.

4.How is the custom song different?

A custom song is a song specifically written for and about your special someone. No one else will have this song sung to them or will be able to claim they've had the song written about them and for them.

5. If the custom song is for them, why do you keep the rights?

Because I am the creator of the song, all copyrights and writing credits belong to me. You will get a recorded version of the song, and play it for all your friends and family but it cannot be sold, or duplicated for financial gain.

6. Why is the custom song $500?

It takes a lot of time and creative energy to come up with the most perfect song for your beloved. I ask you a series of questions to get to know your beloved better and deeper and to be able to write a song that truly encapsulates their essence.  Also, the price includes a professional studio recording. I go into my producer's studio to record with the best equipment. In all honesty, most of the money goes to him.

7. Do you think he/she will really like it?

No, I think they will LOVE it. It's truly one of the most romantic gifts you can give someone. When I've done them in the past, the person serenaded was smiling ear to ear, and I could see the love and romance in their eyes. It was so romantic and so original. I got feedback that it was the best present ever. 

8. How long will a serenade take?

The beauty of the serenade is that it's short and sweet. If you think about songs being about 3-4 minutes in length, a 3 song serenade takes about 10-15 minutes, a 5 song serenade takes about 15-20 minutes. It is about you and your beloved enjoying your own personal show and feeling the love between you both.

9. Does it have to be a love serenade?

No! In fact, it can be any kind of serenade. I sang serenades to a few wonderful mothers as Mother's Day gifts.  It was wonderfully sweet.

Do you have a friend going through a hard time, a breakup, or just a bad day? I can sing them songs about broken hearts, saying goodbye, and relationships that are better in the past. Your friend can have a great reminder, and even a good cry to original songs I wrote when I was feeling the same way:) And of course any cover song that you want me to sing for them.

10. what makes you a qualified serenade singer? Who are you anyway?

Haha! I am a professional singer/songwriter and have been writing and performing songs for over a decade. I started this service because people started asking for it. They wanted private "shows" / serenades as a gift to their partner. They saw me on social media and loved my voice and thought of the idea themselves. It was so successful that I want to offer the service to anyone else who is looking for original and romantic gift ideas for their loved ones. 

11. How do I sign up?

Go HERE to choose the option that best suits your needs. You sign up, pay through paypal or using any major credit card, and once you enter your email and name, I will email you to set up a time for the serenade to take place. 

IF you are choosing the Custom Song option, click here to fill out this questionnaire in Google Docs and send the completed copy back to me at