Yoga-a lesson in life

I have found a yoga teacher that I love. It has been the key for me in my journey of loving yoga. (Or anything for that matter. )

When you find the teacher that you connect with, and who speaks to you, you will love the thing you are learning. That's what a great teacher does.  (If you have yet to love yoga, keep going until you find the teacher that changes everything. )

This woman Annie’s teachings, stay with me long after class is over. 
One of the biggest things of late that I have brought out of the classroom is this:

We will be in a pose that is not my favorite (I’m putting it mildly) and sweat will be dripping down my face. We are holding the pose for 5 long breaths. (it feels longer than it sounds). My body might be shaking, my eyes are closed, I am concentrating on those 5 breaths.

And then the words “Now, give the pose 30% less."

And immediately, a sense of ease enters. 

Oh, how hard I was fighting to be in that pose. Clenching, tightening, pushing, pulling to stay there. 

And oh, how trying 30% less, I can be in the exact same pose and it can feel so different. 
Less effort. Less pulling, less pushing.

I realized, it’s not about fighting to stay in the pose, it’s about BEING in the pose. Surrendering to the pose. 

And so the thought, the sentiment leaves with me when I exit the classroom.

What would my life, interactions, efforts feel like if I gave it 30% less? Not that I don’t bring or show up 100% to my life, or to the task, or to the event, or to my relationships but that it’s not a struggle- I grasp less. I relax into the pose instead of against it.

Often, we tend to try so hard, that it ends up being a fight, a tension, a struggle. We are clenching, tightening, and pulling on the inside. For this relationship to work, to do well at that job, to get through our daily to-dos.

It’s not about fighting to “get there” or “stay there” it’s about BEING there. Where ever you are. Whatever discomfort, dis-ease you might be feeling- eyes closed, heart clenched, with sweat dripping down your face. Just like the pose. Even when we're in a state of joy, we're fighting to stay there. To keep that feeling.

Well, what if we were to give 30% less?

What would it feel like? Would it give you a bigger sense of ease?

Do This Now: Pay attention to where in your life you are in the same proverbial pose- grasping, clawing, tensing and approach it with 30% less effort, less struggle and more ease. Remind yourself daily not to push so hard.  Just BE.

And Now THIS: Share one specific story or example of this in your life. Where are you grasping and how does it feel once you release your grip? 

Do you have a friend who might need to relax "into the pose" more? Share this with them.

In Music and in love,

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