When the going gets tough

Well, it appears as though I am going to continue blogging. I can't think of a reason not to. As I've said before I have come to the conclusion that I'd like to help people in some way and I think that we all have the capacity to help others by sharing our experiences. It unites us, and hopefully sheds some light in areas that might be dark. My willingness to learn and grow and also share the lessons is in part with the hopes that it will inspire others to do the same. So, I'm going to be honest. This past week was challenging for me. Without the structure and deadline of this project, I felt a bit lost. Bewildered. Overwhelmed.

I noticed then how easy it is to be positive and hopeful when things are good. When I feel productive, challenged, pushed, busy. But it's a whole nother thing to feel that way when the going gets tough.

Think about it. (And correct me if I'm wrong.) When you're in the groove and things are flowing, and your energy is brilliant, everything seems to come to you. Trains come at the exact moment you walk down the stairs (you new yorkers know what I'm talking about) the people you meet are inspiring, and friendly and open, miracles are occurring everywhere. (my definition of a miracle is one taken from Gabby Bernstein via "A Course in Miracles" which is just that a miracle is a shift in perception).

But when you're not in the groove, and instead in a funk, it appears as though the world is conspiring against you. You miss the train because your metro card wouldn't go through (happened last week), the people you meet are annoying and needy, everything is bad, wrong and not OK. It feels like you can't control it.

So what to do? Well that's a good question. There are a few things that I try to do to shift my Blues to Gold.(It's not always easy-it takes willingness to get out of your funk. That's really step 1. Or step 0 we'll say:)

1. meditate-even just for 3 minutes. Every day. Sit in silence with yourself and every time a thought comes up just notice it and don't indulge it. Don't think about what you're going to eat for lunch or what she said or why. Focus on your breathing. Incorporate step 2 into your mediation too:)

2.pray- If you had told me even a year ago that I would say this, I would have told you to shut up. No way. Growing up in a household with atheist parents isn't exactly breeding grounds for believing in anything higher. It was all logic. No magic. But I got over it. I do believe in something greater. And I pray to it. I ask for a shift in perspective. I ask for guidance from my inner guide or intuition. and then I try to remember that some things that I think I want, I'm not getting because there's something better on its way. That I can't control everything. The universe has a different plan. I have to surrender.

3. Scan-scan yourself to see where there might be an inconvenient truth. Sometimes the funky feeling can be because there's a dishonesty happening somewhere in our lives. I've noticed that the heavy feeling I was feeling this week is because I'm not being honest with someone I care about. Sometimes the dishonesty can be within yourself. Are you telling yourself lies about something? Clean it up! (note: dishonesty can also be omitting the truth:)

4.Shake it-get your body moving. Take a walk, a run, a new dance class, a yoga class. Getting your body moving releases endorphins that kick those funky blues right out!

5.Be Gentle-with yourself. I know for me when I'm having a challenging day or week, I'm often hard on myself for not being in a great mood. But sometimes it just happens. Go with it. Don't resist it. Go for a mani-pedi, take yourself to the movies, go eat ice cream. Indulge in the simple pleasures and be kind to yourself. Act as you would on your birthday doing whatever your heart desires.

6.Get Inspired-go grab your favorite book, watch your favorite movie, or listen to your favorite album. My go-to is Marianne Williamson's "A Return to Love". It really helps me remember that it's so much bigger than me and my "pain". For a movie I love the documentary "Man on Wire". It's probably the most inspirational story I've heard in a long time. And music? Well it all inspires me. But in times when I need, I probably listen to Pearl Jam's "Black" and albums that make me feel like I'm 13 again.

7.Have Fun-schedule it in. Grab a drink with a friend, go see a play, go dancing with some pals. There's nothing like some laughter to help change the mood.

So there you have it. A few things I try to do when I'm having a funk-tastic time. And I realized what they all have in common is being in the present moment. A lot of the funky stuff can occur from spending too much time in our head. Lord knows how easy it is for us to get lost there. The trick is to be exactly where we are. And to know that we're in exactly the right place.

Do you have anything to add? Anything you don't agree with? Please add it to the comments below. I believe that we all gain so much from adding our own experiences and sharing what works and doesn't work for us. So please don't be shy. I want to hear from YOU. Your story can inspire others too.

All of my love,