Welcome to the new Dana Carmel (.com)

Well-What do you guys think?

I've been going through so many changes at Dana Carmel .com (and in life) and I feel like I finally got one that I really like. I want to invite you to look around, and to tell me what you think.

Of course as most things, it is a work in progress but as I often talk about, I am a big proponent of taking imperfect action rather than waiting for it to be perfect. It is something I am constantly practicing.

Plus we all know there is no such thing as perfect.

I specifically invite you to visit my About page. Over the last few years my mission has changed, and my goals are different. I want to share my story with you so that you get a sense of where I'm coming from.

Also, just a reminder that my Live Stream Show on Concert Window is this Monday September 28th at 8pm EST. The link for that is right HERE. I am so excited to play you some songs from my Song in Your Box project right to your living room.

Which brings me to my next point (yeah there's more). If you are new to me and my songs/music/life you can sign up for Song in Your Box, (the project where I wrote one song a week for a year) right from the beginning and get a song in your inbox every week for a year!

There are a lot of tips on creativity and sticking to a project too so it's something I'm really excited about. New fans have already signed up and they are loving it. 

To sign up for that go HERE or click the "Song in Your Box" box on my About and Home page. Many options:) 
To sign up for my general list where you will get Music and Love and updates first (like about this new website) sign up in the form to the right. 

And if you're confused about any of it, just write to me...

I'm so excited about what's next. Hope you come along on the ride with me. 

All my music and love,