Spotiwhat? Spotiwho? Spotify!

I am sitting at the dining room table, glass of wine in hand.... celebrating the fact that my song "Weekend" is now on Spotify! Woohoo!

It feels a little silly to me because to be honest, the reason it took this long is that I just didn't make it happen before now. And if I'm continuing to be honest, I could have done it around 4 months ago:)

But alas, here I am, lesson learned, spilling my beans, and clinking glasses with myself that today is the day that you can add it to your playlists, share it with your friends and listen to it ad nauseam. (help a sistah get those plays UP!)

I'm so very grateful for all the support I've received. My friends at work sing it all the time substituting their own words and even doing some of the dance moves. I'm receiving such gracious texts. It feels nice to celebrate the "small" wins. Makes them bigger:)

Last year at this time, we were still not even finished recording. We spent last summer in a sweaty studio in Williamsburg, putting ice on the computer so that it wouldn't keep freezing (how horribly ironic). Turning off the air-conditioner and unplugging the fridge when I had to do vocal takes. We had quite the ghetto-fabulous system.

But the process was a blast. We were all so excited by it and I couldn't wait for everyone else to hear it and dance their booties off. So, although you've probably all heard it by now (by watching the video), today is the day that you can have your "own copy" of it and can listen without going on youtube and that feels oh so very very exciting to me.

It makes for a reeeeaaalllly good driving song, BTW. When I was visiting San Francisco last October, I was in an Uber with two of my friends (shout out to Chris and Vid! whatwhat!) and we asked the driver to put it on (it was just a rough mix then), and it was one of the best 4 minutes of that trip, hands down. Cruising down the highway, windows down. We were all jamming out. Including the driver! Man, it was special. Definitely give it a try.

It will be on iTunes in the next couple of weeks so if you REALLY like it, you can buy it! hip hip hooray!:) Raise your glass and cheers with me! to "Weekend"! Turn it up and dance!!!

All my weekend love,