Song inYour Box, Week Thirty-Nine

(me and my roomies at the ASCAP EXPO)


I'm writing from LA on a Monday morning. What an action packed few days! I am here for the ASCAP expo ( a music conference), the 3rd one I've attended. It was great as usual-I learned a lot and got really inspired.

In particular I loved this one "panel" with Darrel brown who brought people up from the audience, had them play a song and then gave AMAZING feedback. It was so awesome to see how he heard the changes and he was so genuinely interested in helping and making them better!

The other thing that stood out was some of the more well known artists that were there. Katy perry surprised me with some of the things she said. I didn't realize how much of a hand she has in the writing of the songs. She also seemed really grateful to be where she is.

And that's the theme of what I heard. Most people up there from Ne-yo to Big Sean to Stargate to Mike Posner (he was the sweetest of them all) were all so humble and just grateful to be doing what they're doing. It was nice seeing good people succeed. Very inspiring.

On to this week's  is about perspective. I sometimes think about how we never really know what another person experience is. The lens through which they go through life. There are so many different filters.

My red could be someone else's blue or what I taste as pizza could be someone else's Chinese food.  We use the same words but they could be describing two different things.

Anyway, that's what this song is about. Different perspectives. And really understanding that its a huge aspect in accepting and understanding other people. I think a lot of times we try to make people understand our point of view and sometimes even change it. But that never works. And why would we want it to? It'd be so boring if we all saw things the same way! In my opinion, we just have to accept it. You see what you see, I see what I see and that's the beauty of being a unique individual.

So without further ado, here is Sun and Moon. do you like this song? Share it with your friends!

Thanks as always for listening!



If your green was my blue Would you still wear suede shoes? If your lies were my truth The story would be a little skewed

It's your point of view, it's what you see You can only be you, and me only me

If your sun was my moon What would we do at noon ? If your march was my June What would I wear for you?

It's your point of view, it's what you see You can only be you, and me only me

If your rough was my smooth It would hurt to get close to you If your peach was my prune I don't think you would like my juice

It's your point of view, it's what you see You can only be you, and me only me