Song in Your Box, Week Twenty-Five

Week Twenty-Five, "Round and Round" Hey Party People,

So I feel like I am finally back to the living. I had a rough week or two there being sick with this horrible stomach flu that's been going around. Not fun, let me tell you. But I am slowly regaining my strength and charging ahead with a cleanse (length to be determined) to begin the year so fresh and so clean.

Last night I played a fun show in Philly, where I still am, and where I finished week twenty-five "Round and Round". I started it last week and sat down today to focus on gettin' 'er done:) It's not always easy, this "focus" thing. But I'm learning to roll with the punches, give myself a break, and that some days/weeks are better than others. And of course, I got it done so I'm not complaining!

I seriously cannot believe that it is almost half way through. When I started this project, the halfway point seemed so far away. Like a mirage. But here I am. With 25 new songs, 27 to go, and a whole lot of learning and fun along the way.

The song topic is pretty universal. Just about going round and round in the same conversation, scenario, thought pattern, and really being at a loss as to how to break the cycle. I related it to a relationship but it works anywhere. How DO you break the cycle? Is there something different you could say or do to change it? I'm testing it out...that's part of the reason I'm doing the cleanse.

So without further ado, here is "Round and Round".

Thanks as always for listening.


p.s. I am doing another really fun webcast THIS Wednesday Jan.16th at 8pm EST. You can watch it and make requests at You don't want to miss it!