Song in Your Box, Week Thirty-three

Week Thirty-Three, "Pooh's Lament" Hello lovers,

How is everybody doing? I am busy as all getup these days! Which is totally amazing, a little overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. Somehow through it all I still find the time (read: make the time) to write songs:)

Last week I wrote a song with 2 friends of mine that I am totally in love with but it's not ready yet so I had to write something on my own. As I sat down to write by myself I realized how much I actually want to write with other people. It was so cool. Having more minds and more experiences to draw from made it such a different experience. I learned so much about the writing process and being open just in one session.

So, I was having a hard time feeling inspired by myself and I got an email from my work. It said that the new cocktail is called "Pooh's Lament". The manager then went on to say something about how she thinks it's because Pooh would be sad if he only had one...or something like that.

I was then inspired to write about Winnie the Pooh being sad. What would you say to a sad Pooh Bear? Of course I tried to make it funny but it came out in the usual Dana style:)

It was a fun exercise. Probably not a song I will put in my repertoire but my niece and nephew might enjoy it! I hope you do too. Let me know what you think:)

Lots of Pooh Love,