Song in Your Box, Week Thirty-Six

Week Thirty-Six, "What am I Waiting For"- I remember specifically at the beginning of this project wondering what I would feel like around week 36. It's kind of in the thick-of it, you know? Not quite 3 quarters through but past the half -way mark.

What I'm feeling is that it's just turned into a part of my life. I love it. I hate it (sometimes). But mostly I love it and I can't imagine what I'd be doing with my time if I wasn't doing it. I realize that nothing compares to the feeling of writing a song you love. Seriously, ah-maze-ing. And you have to get through quite a bit that you're not so crazy about to get to the great ones but it's always worth it. In other words, hard work, pays off!:)

So this song, is one of the songs I love most, if not THE most out of the whole project so far. Bold statement I know. But there's just something about this one. It just feels right. Everything about it expresses what I'm trying to say. And I can't stop playing it. Over. and Over. Again.

I'm sure it's a subject we can all relate to. What are the things in your life that you're waiting for? Sometimes, I have this moment of clarity where I realize life is just too short. There is no time to wait!

And so here it is, Week 36, "What am I waiting For?"  The lyrics are below the video if you want to read along.

    My friends think I'm crazy Same old story yet again

The one where I dream about you But always leave you in my head

When you walk into the room, I don't know what to do Everything starts to get blurry except me and you

And I've been wondering, what I'm waiting for

I couldn't take it, if you were to break my heart, oh no so I'll just fake it, until I make it, even though you're what I want

When you walk into the room how it starts to move Everyone else is in grey and you're in blue

And I've been wondering, what I'm waiting for

I anticipate the day, when you look at me that way and I know That everything I dreamt for us, weighed us down it messed it up, and you GO

Sometimes, when you're near me I could swear you feel the same

But then you're gone and I'm alone No evidence remains

When you walk into a room how it starts to move Everything else is pretend only you're the truth.

I've been wondering, what we're waiting for.