Song in Your Box, Week Thirty-Seven

(My Saturday with bro and sis-perhaps the reason I was feeling Blue Sunday?:)

Week Thirty-Seven, "Blue to Gold"

Finally, it's really beginning to feel like spring in New York. It's an exciting time. Flowers are in bloom, winter coats are put away (although I'm pretty sure I jinxed it and next week will be 30 degrees again), and love is in the air.

Well, almost. I'm only human and some days are not so love-filled. In fact they can be quite the opposite. Where everything bothers me, everyone annoys me and all I want to do is sit in my room and watch netflix. (Actually I think it's for the benefit of others that I want to do that but luckily I have the decency not to impose these days on friends, families or even strangers.)  :lol:

So the other day, I was having one of those days, trying to write a song and I texted my friend Maeghan (shout out! Hi Maeghan!:) and I was like "I'm in a mood. Tell me something good!" To which she responded with some hilarious stories about her nephew and said,  "I hope your blues turn to gold".

A bell went off pretty immediately and I thought now there's a great title/theme/idea for a song. And so...I wrote one.

The idea behind it is whether feeling blue is something we can control...I know there are some days where I would say yes, and some days an emphatic no! When I'm in such a mood, I go through the rolodex, so to speak, of why I might be feeling that way. Sometimes it's as easy as just putting my sneakers on and going for a run but that doesn't really make for an interesting song.:)

Other times, I watch the Notebook and allow myself to feel what I'm feeling. And even more times, I write a song about it that goes something like this....

I'll stop talking so you can hear for yourself! What do you do to change your blues to gold??? Would love to hear in the comments below!

All my golden love,



If I could go back in time I'd pay attention to all the signs

I'm not sure where I'd be. But I imagine a different version of me

And maybe if I stayed on the road

All these blues would turn into Gold

If I stopped the fantasy,  and saw what's in front of me

I could change my point of view

And this time it wouldn't include you

And maybe if I start to let this go

All these blues would turn into Gold

If I opened up my eyes

all the paintings would come to life

If I listened up real close, I'd hear

the melody starts on my favorite note

And maybe if I start with what I know

Then I could turn my blues into Gold