Song in Your Box-Week, Thirty-One

(picture of the Met where I saw Rigoletto last week)

Week Thirty-One-"In Love with a Boy"

I know all of us-every single one of has loved someone. And with loving someone (regardless of whether they love you back or not) comes a lot of emotions, "good" and "bad". (I don't really believe that emotions can be characterized as good or bad. Emotions are just things you feel and some feel better than others but all of them are necessary. I'll leave that discussion for another time: :-D )

Back to love-it brings up emotions. Yearning, despair, doubt, hope, elation, etc. The emotions can be overwhelming. Many times, they can make you feel hopeless. And often, even the positive feelings can lead to disappointment. Not fun.

It's hard to see the light or feel positive when you're in that place, whether it has to do with love or not. When I feel that way, I remind myself that it's an opportunity for me to learn and grow. That life goes on, man! That the Universe has your back and all you have to do is have faith in that. And continue to love not to get anything in return but just for the sake of loving.

This song, is about that place. About taking it as it comes and knowing that "this too shall pass". And life definitely goes on even when it feels like it won't. If you've ever been in that place, or are in it now, I recommend you listen to this song. Hopefully it'll give you a new perspective.

And please let me know what you think. I love getting your feedback and comments.

All my love,