Song in Your Box, Week Thirty-Eight

Week Thirty-Eight, "The One Who Got Away" So I was recording the video for this song and planning for my trip to LA tomorrow when I heard about the explosions during the Boston marathon. There is nothing really to say, is there? It's all been said. It's all so very sad. It's just beyond comprehension.

Now everything I was planning, all the little odds and ends that seemed so important seem silly in light of what happened. But the world keeps turning and we are here to turn with it.

It feels and seems that we are helpless. But I don't think that's the case. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other. And that is to be our best. To be kind. To be forgiving. To shine our brightest. Because when we shine bright, we allow others around us to do the same. And if we all shine our brightest then perhaps it will reach the dark corners of the souls who live in fear and who commit such acts to demonstrate their fear. This is what I truly believe....

So, on a semi-lighter note, this week's song is called "The One Who Got Away". I wrote it a while ago but worked on it and fixed it up a bit because it wasn't quite right.

I think the topic is pretty self-explanatory:) I'm keeping this one short today. My prayers are with everyone in Boston.

All my love,


p.s. I am going to the West Coast on Wednesday and will be playing a show in San Francisco next Monday April 22nd. If you are there or have friends and family please spread the word. It's at Osteria on Sacramento and Presidio and is from 7-10pm To make a reservation call 415-771-5030.



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I don't want to be a memory
I don't want to be some sad story
That you tell your friends After it ends
And noone comes to my defense

So I'll be the one who got away

I don't want to be some kind of crazy
Checking on what you did today
So Ima let it go Try to move on
And tell myself that nothing's wrong
So I'll be the one who got away
I'll hear them say, It's so good she got away
I don't want to be an apology
So much more than I'm sorry
Let's not explain, just appreciate
And we will go our separate ways
So I'll be the one who got away
I'll hear them say, It's so good she got away