Song in Your Box, Week Forty-Seven

(my niece and brother at my bro's bday celebration last week. We ALL love headphones:)

Week Forty-Seven, "All For You"

Well hello guys,

It's hot and humid in NYC. Gotta say, I kinda love it! There's nothing better than warm nights.

This week's song was born out of an exercise that I did with my guitar teacher/friend. It's so awesome to be surrounded by people who are so talented and know things that you don't, wouldn't you agree? You learn so much that way and it ups your game! At least it does for me.

I won't really go into the musical details but suffice it to say it was an exercise to work on some areas that needed attention in last week's song. Key changes and such.

So we started this song together and then I took it and wrote the lyrics and changed a couple things. I really love the feel of it. I wish you could hear the two of us playing together because he had some cool parts in the version we recorded on my phone. You'll hear it soon enough:)

I'm surrendering to the fact that my songs are all love songs at the moment. I can't seem to control it. And the melody of this one just couldn't be about anything else.

So without further ado: "All For You"

Thanks so much for listening, Dana

Give me a little time

I'll do my best to make you mine

I'm gonna lay it all on the line

So you will finally see that everything I do

Is for you

Look into my eyes

There is nothing I'm trying to hide

I'm gonna lay it all on the line

So you will finally see that everything I do

Is for You

When I wake up in the morning

'Til the sun goes down

I am thinking all about you, trying to figure out

How to get through 'cuz everything I do

Is For You.