Song in Your Box-Week Forty Five!

Week Forty-Five, "What's a Girl to Do?" Well folks, I'm keeping things interesting here at Song in Your Box with another "first time " happening at week forty-five.

This week's song comes at a time when I'm feeling very inspired. Almost too inspired because I sometimes don't know what to do with it. Listen to music, go see live music, play guitar, talk to a friend. It's all so inspiring which is awesome!

But this week it translated into working on a couple of songs at a time and even within this ONE song I ran across a "dilemma" so to speak. I have two versions of the chorus! Pretty ironic that the title is "What's a Girl to Do?"! But here's where it gets interesting (and fun). I want YOUR opinion on which one you like. The difference is only 1 chord but Oh what a difference that one chord makes!

Just when I think I'm sure which one I like better, I sing the other one. So, I want some "audience participation" from you, please?!! Come on, it'll be fun!!!:)

I'm going to post one verse and chorus for each version, you listen and leave a comment below (no emails to me please!:) telling me which one you like, and why (if you can:). Maybe it's just a feeling you like better, or a sound you like more.  Sound good???

I'm excited! I think it's going to be fun!

Let the games begin!



I am starting to shout about my big celebration show at Rockwood Music Hall that Im so fucking excited about! (sorry Mom;) It's literally the LAST day of this project Tuesday July 23rd at 7pm and I'm going to be celebrating my ass off...oh yeah, and of course 52 new songs, and just everything in general!:) If you are in New York, you HAVE to come to this show because I really want YOU to celebrate with me. I'm serious.



Unfortunately to listen to the songs you have to hit the back bar on your browser after you're done with one, get back to the blog and click the