Song in Your Box, Week Fifty!

Week Fifty!-"Surrender" Surrender: vb yield to the power of another: give up under compulsion 2. Relinquish

I believe I can state with utter certainty that "surrender" is my favorite word. It's also my favorite verb,action, idea, mindset, etc.

It is usually a word that is identified with a giving up but when I read more about it I realized the opposite is true. And when I really tried to let it in, the power of surrendering got in.

So without going too much into it (although let's be real, I'm entering into it head first), one of the places where  the concept of surrender is discussed and resonates with me most is in a book called " A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson. In short, this book changed my life. It might be a little too woo -woo for you, but if you're open to hearing new ideas and taking from them what you like, I highly recommend this book. If not, that's OK, I'm giving you the gist of it here:)

In essence Marianne talks about how we have all created a fight mentality. We're always fighting for something: the job, the relationship, to get out of the relationship, the house, the car, the money, etc. She says "We never put away our swords".

She goes on to say that "surrender is not weakness or loss. It is a powerful nonresistance." She defines surrender as "giving up attachment to results. It means the decision to stop fighting the world, and to start loving it instead". Me likey.

So without going on and on and on and on which I could do about this subject (and this book for that matter) let's just say  surrender is a powerful concept in my life these days. And so of course, I wrote a song about it.

It's funny because with only 2 weeks left until the end of this project I'm finding that every minute is accounted for leading up to the show. So I really didn't have a lot of time to work on this song.

Maybe I shouldn't admit that, but it's just the way it is this week so I worked on it in my allotted time and I found myself saying "maybe this isn't enough time to write a song...I'm too busy, maybe I should take the day off tomorrow etc. etc." but I was singing a song about surrendering so I had no choice but to take my own advice. It's kind of like a song within a song if that makes sense. Or a message within a message. Or something.

Is there anything in your life you feel like you're fighting against? What is it...and can you try to surrender?;)

So without further ado...."Surrender".

All my surrendering love, Dana

p.s. 2 more weeks until my big show at Rockwood Music Hall! Tuesday July 23 7pm Stage 1. We've been rehearsing and it's going to be SO.MUCH.FUN. Are you coming????

I hear you calling out my name Somewhere deep inside I'm hearing what you say But it's easier to deny Than admit that you are right

I gotta surrender, I gotta surrender to you.

It feels like every where I go You try to make your presence known But it's easier just to hide Than to look you in the eye

I gotta surrender, I gotta surrender to you

It don't mean I'm giving up I'm just trying to change my luck

Cuz it's easy to pretend that I always know what's best

I'm getting tired of this fight 'cuz I want it my way but your way's probably right But it's easier to deny Than to swallow all my pride

I gotta surrender, I gotta surrender to you