So Hot Right Now

Hey guys, So I'm sort of at a loss with what to write. I've been go-go going for quite a while. I've been recording songs from Song in Your Box. I've been co-writing with my friend Valerie (we have a great song that's 90% finished) AND I've been working on my project with my writing partner, Tim. All in all, it's a lot.

I was trying to figure out some sort of lesson or helpful tip to impart to you, because hey, that's what I like to do, but I seem to be racking my brain.

I guess if I had to choose one thing, it would be to have goals in mind. To have a vision. What are you writing for, speaking about, recording for? I've been asking myself this question a lot. Do I want to make a record? What will I DO with the record? It seems as though people don't listen to records anymore unless it's by Beyonce.

And if you're making a record just for yourself, you don't have to spend a lot of time and money on it. It helps clarify all those things when you know the purpose.

And so I continue down the path of most resistance, trying to feel fresh and new, inspired and creative. With all the different hats I wear, it can be challenging to say the least.

And so I will leave you with those words and this amazing video. I stumbled upon this yesterday and I can't stop watching it. This song is so hot right now. It's the sound that I LOVE. Apparently 12 million other people agree. Oh and it was filmed right here in Williamsburg. Brilliant.

And you know what's amazing? Two things actually:

1. this video was shot in one take 2. This is her ONLY song.  which just goes to show that all you need is one hit.

and with that, I leave you.

In Love and Music, D