Queen T

I agree with Lena Dunham. October 27th is officially Taylor Swift Day. She released her 5th album yesterday, her first in the POP category.

And ladies and gentlemen, Taylor has done it again.

I first fell in love with Taylor after she released her album "Red". I was among the many resisting this blond little country star, chalking her up to just another main-stream pretender, famous for her looks and her ability to perform.

But boy was I ever wrong. The first time I heard "Begin Again", I cried. Real tears. I immediately went to "the Google" and searched who wrote it and when Taylor's name appeared, I knew I was in love. Real love.

I devoured that album. Listening all the time. Subway. Bedroom floor. I went back and listened to her other albums. I was blown away. Her latest "Red" was my favorite but there was no denying the talent of this girl, the evolution of her songwriting clear as day.

When I heard she was doing a POP record, I was beyond excited.  When I heard that it was with Max Martin producing (My favorite all-time producer behind hits from Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and probably most of the hits you hear on the radio) I was SUPER-STOKED! 

Two masterminds coming together in my favorite genre? Holy Shizznit!

I like the first single, Shake it Off, but it took me a minute (ok like 5 minutes) and it is by no means an indicator of what the rest of the album sounds like. 

I bought the album yesterday and I haven't stopped listening to it since.

When I heard "Style" the third track on the album, the chemicals in my body changed. The room started spinning and nothing would ever be the same. What is happening? Who is this girl singing?

There are nods to other pop femme fatales, and I imagine they are unconscious. "Wildest Dreams" sounds like it could be on a Lana Del Rey record, and "Blank Space" sounds like an ode to Lorde.

But those songs in addition to Style make-up the triumvirate of power songs on 1989, in my humble opinion.

The bridge about 2 minutes into "Wildest Dreams" might be my favorite 30 seconds of the whole album. 

"I Know Places", and "All You Had to Do Was Stay" are other favorites. The ones I like the least are the ones she released first. "Welcome to New York" doesn't do much for me. Especially since I read/heard a review of it and they were talking about how the New York that Taylor talks about is not the one that most New Yorkers know. She doesn't ride the subway, or wait in line at the DMV.

Out of the Woods didn't change any body chemistry for me either.

All in all, 1989 is a smash hit. A record on repeat in my life for the unforeseeable future. 

It's funny that all the tabloids try to figure out who the songs are about. Who cares? The songs are great and they could be about anyone and no one at all.

I've written songs that are inspired by feelings, desires, moments, but they're not entirely the truth of what happened. Not that it's a lie, but it's an expression of a moment. That's what being an artist is about. Creating moments, or situations that might not be there in real life.

Instead of trying to figure out who it's about, just enjoy it. Make it about someone in YOUR life.

So...there it is. My unofficial review of 1989. Because I love it too much not to talk about it. At the very least, go listen to the songs I mentioned:)

I'm posting "Style" here so you can hear it. Hopefully the chemicals in your body change as well.

Have you listened to 1989 yet? What do you think? What are your favorites?

Let me know in the comments below.

In music and love,