My Happy Place

Howdy folks, How have you been? It's been quite the whirlwind few weeks here. A lot of ups, a lot of downs, a lot of changes. For one, as you may have noticed, I am not writing every week here on the blog. I decided it was too much for me, and it was stressing me out. I am moving towards less stress, more feeling good. I love to write but sometimes I don't have much to say, and so I won't:)

The other thing is just life. It continues to sweep me up in it's joy and it's sorrow and sometimes I get carried away in it.  To be perfectly honest, lately it's been the sorrow. For one, our beloved kitty, Miss Cleo, died. She was my best friend. Sad, I know. But seriously, I loved that little cat, and she was a part of our family here at 414. We have been mourning her for the last couple weeks.

After feeling the loss of our kitty, and a few other life things, I went into the studio. I am not sure if I've told you about this project I'm doing with my writing partner Tim. We've been working on 4-5 POP songs since the new year and they are really shaping up.

We took them to the place we could get them,  and then it was time to bring in the big guns. a.k.a. The producer/ mixer to take the songs to new heights. Tim had worked with Bob before and wanted to work with him again.

So we went in last week  to work on 2 songs for two days and then again this past monday and it's just the most fun ever. Turns out there was a lot more work to be done on them and it's going to take a lot longer than we anticipated.  These songs are HUGE and I cannot wait for you to hear them. It has been amazing being in the studio with them and tweaking sounds to get the ones we want.

I realized that the studio is my happy place. I could be in it every day and be excited. Sometimes it gets a little rough and long (we were there for 15 hours one day and 13 another) but it's so much fun to hear the songs come together. And also to create with other people. We are all there for the sole purpose of being of service to these songs and making them be the best they can be.

Bob made a good point when he said "You know the songs are good when you're in the studio during the summer!"

When they are done, they're going to be EPIC!!!

Moral of the story? When feeling blue-go into the studio:)

Hope you are finding YOUR Happy Place!

In Love and Music, Dana