More music for You

Hi Friends,

Happy February! Went by fast, didn't it?

2015 so far has been feeling really good. There have been a lot of challenges but I feel myself taking them on in a way I haven't done so before.

Mainly things like listening to my intuition and remembering to check in with myself throughout the day to see how I'm feeling. I often forget to do that and I get swept up in other people's energies and invitations.

And with the new year comes new changes. I feel a lot of things going on. Namely what direction I want to go in, things to talk about in the blog, music to create, possibly attending Grad School etc.

But one thing remains the same. And that is my love of music and my desire to share the inspiration I receive. Be it a song, a lecture, an idea. I am trying to remember to ask "What can I give?" instead of what can I get?

And so for now, today, giving is looking like sharing videos and music that I love.

I do have songs that I'm working on and recording on my own, but they are not quite ready for sharing purposes:)

And so today, here is a video I JUST found performed by the Lennon Sisters (of "Nashville" fame), doing a cover of Edward Sharpe's "That's What's up". 

The harmony is so beautiful and they are just so sweet and talented.

Please Enjoy! and Share it with your friends. And if you feel so inclined, find me on Facebook, and Twitter, and connect with me there.

Thanks for watching,

In music and love,