Life Lessons

Speaking Your Truth

So one of the things I am constantly hearing and seems to be a big movement these days is about "Being authentic". Do you hear it too? "Be real, speak your truth, use your voice". It's all really good advice. It's just not the easiest to follow.

What does it even mean? Do you have to say everything that's on your mind? Do I have to tell you my deepest darkest fears? I'm sure some people might say yes.

Speaking your truth, to me, is being vulnerable. It's saying the things that you're thinking but that you're afraid to say. It's writing this post. It's telling your friend she hurt your feelings, or that you don't feel supported by your parents.

It's hard to get to and I think it's really because speaking your truth ultimately means, finding your truth within yourself. It's being honest with yourself about how you're feeling and about what you're thinking.

I just got off an hour and a half live group google chat with someone who I respect deeply who is in the spiritual field. And honestly I feel embarrassed. I feel embarrassed that I am into the spiritual world, because people can be so critical and such naysayers. Even now, I'm worried about what you might think.

"Oh that's so woo-woo and so totally out there".

But the whole point of the chat was to help be more real-to speak our truth, with the ultimate goal of connecting with more people.

And my truth is that I really benefit from learning more about spirituality. When I take the time to meditate, and read books that inspire my spirituality, I feel better.

My truth is that I believe in a force that is invisible to the eye. Marianne Williamson says it beautifully in "A Return to Love" when she says " To trust in the force that moves the universe is faith. Faith isn't blind. It's visionary".

That force is the one that turns an acorn into an oak. And it's the same force that makes you and I grow into the people we are meant to be. That is, If we have faith in it.

Being honest with myself about the fact that I even have faith is a huge process for me. Because I grew up in a house that was faithless.  "Faithlessness is not a lack of faith but a faith in nothing."(again with Marianne Williamson? YES-get used to it:)

And so after the live chat, I felt called to write about my truth. And to talk about how scary it can be and is. But I also want to take a moment to recognize how important it is. And how much of the fear comes from our ego thinking that it is all about us/me. The moment we realize it is bigger than us, that what he or she thinks about what we're saying has no importance, the easier it will be to speak our truth, to be real, to share our stories, to connect with more people and to teach each other the lessons that we are all here to learn.

Namaste:) Dana