2014. Wow. Can you even begin to wrap your brain around that? When I was little I thought we'd be flying around like the jetsons by the year 2014. Not quite. But we're not far off. But time keeps on going. Day by day. Slowly yet fast. Everything changes yet everything stays the same. I love the new year. It's a time for reflection. A time for celebration. A time for resolutions.

I personally make resolutions year round but the end of year seems as good a time as any to keep the tradition going. It feels like a new beginning.

In honor of moving forward, I'm looking back. At 2013. With some pride and some take-aways. (I don't want to say regrets so I'm saying things I learned or can "take away" from mistakes).

So I'm sharing my prides and take-aways with you.

1. I finished my Song in Your Box project!!! 52 songs. I've never been more proud of anything I've ever done. 2. Found a great job and made some amazing friends 3.continued on my spiritual journey attending lectures and reading books that inspire the shit out of me. 4.took an amazing trip to Portugal and Israel 5. Continued to ask questions and be curious 6. Took guitar lessons 7.C0-wrote some awesome songs 8.Committed to a daily meditation practice

AND My favorite song list of 2013 (in top 40)

1. This version of Get Lucky-George Barnett 2. Hold On, We're going home- Drake 3. Little numbers- Boy 4. We Can't Stop -Miley Cyrus 5. Mirrors-JT 6. Fine China-Chris Brown 7. Treasure-Bruno Mars 8. Walking on a Dream-Empire of the Sun 9. Safe and Sound-Capital Cities 10. Summertime Sadness-Lana del Rey 11.Trouble-Taylor Swift 12. And I know this is old but I just fell in love with this song this year . Last Friday night-Katy Perry

Literally there are so many songs that I either rediscovered or found for the first time. Hard to pick just 12:)

My take-aways

1.Speaking my truth more. Sometimes in the moment I get in my head and worry. Speaking your truth is never wrong. Hard to do but not wrong

2. Patience! I tend to take some cakes out of the oven, so to speak, before they're ready. I'm working on having faith that everything has it's time and place and when it's ready, I'll know and it'll be delicious!

3.I learned quite a bit on the dating front. Maybe I didn't speak my truth to the guy I "loved" but I learned about qualities that I like in a man, and those lessons are invaluable.

4.Connecting to myself-shutting the outside world out for a few hours or days is a sure-fire way for me to re-connect with myself. The more often I remember to do it, the better I feel.


So, I think that about does it. I know I have a million more take-aways to get and many more things that are coming to be proud of.

I'd love to hear some take-aways or prides from you!:) leave a comment below and have the best, safest New YEAR's EVE!


I love you! Dana