Evolution of a Song-Week Ten

(more graffiti from a bathroom stall:)

Week Ten-"Walk to You"

This week's song is born out of the feeling of being far away from someone and yet being very aware of their presence. Has this ever happened to you? It's a very strange feeling. Like you can feel this person out in the world, you're not communicating in anyway but the sense of them is very present.

I often wonder when you feel so connected to someone in their absence, do they feel you too? Is it a real thing or just your imagination? Do the vibrations you feel get sent out to the world so they start thinking about you too? It is a question I feel often being far away from my west coast family and wanted to try to convey it. The "Walk to You" chorus is more about feeling drawn to someone. That vibration I was talking about.

About a year ago I was feeling this very strongly and decided I wanted to write a song about it. Because it felt so real and the person called me out of the blue only to make me think that "yes, they can feel it too!" I'm also reading a book called "The Assassin's Apprentice". It is kind of a fantasy historical novel where the protagonist has a special Skill (aptly named "The Skill") of being able to feel other people and get inside of of them. So this notion is all around me lately:)

What is your experience with this? I am fascinated by it. So if you want to hear Week Ten of Song in Your Box, "Walk to You" and all the other songs....just sign up to receive them in your box. It's that simple!

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