Evolution of a Song-Week Seven

(view of 7th Ave. from my Bro's apt.)


Week Seven-"One Way"

If I had to pick a favorite instrument, it'd have to be bass. When there is a great bass line (funky or dirty usually does the trick:), I love the song. No exception. I often wish I played bass and entertain the idea of learning (if only I had a few more hours in the day). Well the riff for "One Way" is definitely more like a bass line. It's very simple and I had a blast putting a melody to it.

Again, it came from listening to my recorder and hearing things that I don't even remember playing. I'm so grateful for this project because it's forcing me to go back and listen to all my ideas that I put down. I probably wouldn't go back if it weren't for Song in Your Box.

The chorus I had already and I worked the verses came pretty fast. I love when that happens! Again, it's another favorite. (I told you I would say that but really it's true:)

So if you want to hear week seven, and all the other songs, sign up for my list! And if you like what I'm doing, tell your friends to sign up! The more the merrier:)

Thanks so much for all your support!

See you in your box,


p.s. I suggest using headphone to listen to this especially if you're computer doesn't have any other speakers. It just sounds way better!:)