Evolution of a Song-Week Nineteen


(a pic from the shoot that wasn't used but that I really like:)

Week Nineteen-"HeartBeat"

So, after last week's break, I have to say I feel much better and rejuvenated. I felt so guilty and was being way too hard on myself as I can tend to do from time to time. But I am constantly reminded that you have to listen to the voice inside yourself because it is always right. Last week, it told me I needed a break and I resisted it. But now I know it was what I needed and I take it as a lesson to listen more. It's all part of the process.

So, the evolution of this song started with how I was feeling last week. Like I needed an outlet to let go but I didn't know how. Sometimes when I'm really "in it", the songs don't come and it's only after that I'm able to express myself.

The song came about just from my playing different chord progressions and finding the melody for the chorus and verses and singing the words as they came to me. Then I worked out the rest of the lyrics. It seems to be the way these days;)

It definitely helped to be out from under the self-induced stress of last week.

Here is the song, "Heart Beat". Let me know what you think. And thanks as always, for all your support. This is such an awesome and challenging journey to be on, and having you here makes it way more meaningful.

All my love,


P.S. There is so much happening that I'm so super excited about. I have a feature in this month's issue of Bleepmag which is a really cool online mag for people who don't get much publicity. You can check it out here. I'm on page 66 but everyone is worth reading about!

Xmas is around the corner (AAAHH!) and I think "Validity" would make the perfect present/stocking stuffer! You can win a copy here.



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