Evolution of a Song-Week Five

(a mural in my hood-it says "The Stories around us")

Week Five-"End of Us"

The process for week five was not the easiest one, I must admit. The first four weeks I had a pretty good idea of which songs I was going to use. For week five, I had a few I was working on and really didn't get a feeling about any particular one. So I worked and worked and played and played and finally at the last minute I found this song. Or rather it found me:)

I had the chords for the verse on an old "disk" of my recorder and I went back to listen to some of the stuff that I had on there. I really liked the riff so I played with that and then the lyrics sort of came to me. It was more image based and read like a movie scene which happens sometimes but usually it's more visceral for me. I like having different senses control the song writing!

I really love the finished product. Just goes to show that hard work pays off.:) What do you think about "End of Us"? I'd really love to hear your thoughts! So if you want to hear "End of Us" and the first four songs of Song in Your Box, you know what to do! Jump on that list!:) Thank you so much for your support.

I'll see you next week in your box,