Evolution of a Song-Week Eleven


Week Eleven-"The Great Escape"

Hi Friends,

So, this week number 11 is one I'm really happy with. Last week, I have to admit, was not one of my favorite weeks/songs and I had a really hard time putting it out into the world. But I remembered that that is exactly why I'm doing this project.

It's not to write 52 hits (although that would be awesome, wouldn't it?). It's to let go of my inner critic (and she's holding on really tight), and to finish 52 songs. Of course, I am putting everything into making them the best they can be, but they are not all going to be my favorite song.

Some of them are going to be better than others.Some of them are going to sound like others. There are only 12 notes and only certain chord progressions that work together (although I do have the tendency of putting chords that don't go together, together:). So you do the math. (No, don't. Basically the number is pretty small.)

A lot of songs find their sound and become alive during production so for this project it's a real challenge just being me and the guitar/piano. I am making it harder on myself by having some de facto "rules" that no songs can sound even a bit alike, and I'm forgetting that in recording these songs, they will all have a sound of their own.

This week's song "The Great Escape" feels like a fresh song to start a new way of thinking about this project. Of being a little less hard on myself. It's kind of about this project in a way. And about life. And is a metaphor for whatever else you want it to be:)

I was writing a different song when this one came about and I was trying to decide which one to use for this week. The next day, I went out to the subway and there was a guy selling fruit from his truck that had "The Great Escape" graffitied on the side (pictured above). I took it as a sign.

I hope you enjoy it. And as always I love your feedback so keep it coming!

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Until then,

have a beautiful week...