Evolution of a Song-Week Eight

(Subway ride over the Manhattan Bridge-blurry but beautiful)

Week Eight-"Want You to See"

Week eight, feeling great! This week's song, was one that took a little more time and a lot more patience. (Unfortunately it's not one of my greatest virtues but I am being forced to learn). I had the first verse for quite a while and just couldn't find the rest of the song-lyrics, chorus, melody etc. But it was a verse that I kept going back to and trying to flush out. I decided that this was the week for me to do that-to finish this song.

So, I played and played and then the chorus was born. I liked the descending chromatic end of it and the lyrics just seemed to fit. It's funny how sometimes, a song can start out as one thing and end up as a totally different thing.

The first verse I wrote after a break-up and it meant something so different. But then when the chorus was attached to it, the whole song took on a different meaning and I just went with it. Another virtue at practice-going with the flow. (Is that a virtue? Well, it should be)

After working on the lyrics for the verses, "Want You  to See" is here. Ready for your listening pleasure. So, you know what to do! Get on the list to hear it, and to hear the other seven songs...Oh my Gosh, I almost have a whole new album!:)

So excited to share this musical journey/adventure/project with you. As always, I love hearing your feedback so please let me know what you think!

All my listening love,