Evolution of a Song-Week Four

Week Four- "Whiskey at One o'clock"

The Evolution of this song is really quite simple. It was raining out (and I mean pouring), I was playing the guitar and I started drinking whiskey. It just happened to be one o' clock:)  I tried to be as in the moment as I could while writing the lyrics and they came to me fairly fast.

I put the song down after a bit as I usually do, so that I could get some distance from it. Usually I know it's a keeper if it gets stuck in my head, and this one totally did. I went back to it, finished the last verse and so here we are. Drinking whiskey at 1 o'clock.:) I'm not sure I've ever even done that before, especially just sitting in my room playing guitar, but it helped tremendously and gave me a great song!:) Plus I felt like a total rock star:)

Do you want to hear "Whiskey at One o'clock"? Jump on my list, and you'll get to hear that one and the first 3 songs of Song in Your Box. I really can't tell you how excited I am about this project and I want you to be a part of it! If you like what I'm up to, tell your friends to hop on too! The more the merrier:) And as always, please let me know what you think....

I'll see you in your box,