"Back to the Music"- Emotional

Welcome to "Back to the Music".

This is where I am going back to the aforementioned songs that I wrote many moons ago, and I analyze them from my vantage point now.

You grow a lot as a songwriter and as a spiritual/human being by doing this. By remembering what you were going through at that time, and listening to the way you expressed it then, from your current point of view, now. It's funny to think it's the same person sometimes!

This Song, "Emotional"  would be totally different if I was writing it now. 

Yet a lot of the themes and ideas from these older songs are still prevalent in my life.  It's a great barometer for where I was vs. where I am now.

You'll take away a lot. Not only as a songwriter, but as a spiritual being. 

It was a lot of fun to record this episode. I picked a song from my EP, "The Difference", called "Emotional". One of the first songs I wrote. And I wrote it on the piano.

Not surprising that I love audio and so it was very fitting that I would feel at home recording an audio piece. 

Press play and take a listen. I'm excited to share this with you and I can't wait to hear your take-aways.


Do this now: in the comments below tell me what you learned from this? A life lesson about people being in your life for you to learn your own lessons? A songwriting tip? What would you do differently or keep about this song? 

Do you like this revisit of "Emotional"? I certainly did! Share it with your friends. Let's Geek out on music together.

If you want your OWN copy of "Emotional" you can purchase it  here

Thanks so much for listening. Remember we are here to learn from one another. Share what you got. 

In music and love,