An Exercise in Creativity: "A Poem about Friendship"

I'm writing to talk about a fun exercise I did to flex my creativity muscles. As a songwriter and creative being, it has been important for me to remember that creativity and more specifically, songwriting, is a practice. It's a muscle that you can develop and tone. You wouldn't go to the gym once and expect to leave fit. 



The other day...

My sister sent me a picture of a poem my 9 year old niece, Sienna, wrote. It is aptly entitled "A Poem about Friendship". I read it and was astonished at the depth, wisdom, and emotions coming from this beautifully smart 9 year old (who also happens to be my niece- no bias there).

I was inspired to put the words to music. Not only to pay homage to Sienna and her words but also as an exercise to flex my creativity muscles.

In fact, one of the tips in my book about songwriting is taking a poem that you love and putting it to music. For the exact purpose of flexing those muscles. In order to enjoy the process of creating instead of worrying about the end product.

Which as we all know...

can be the death sentence to the creator. So often we find ourselves editing and judging our creations as we go along instead of focusing on what it FEELS like to be creating. Which is such a gift! To create something from nothing? We're magicians! 

It came fast and easy

and I enjoyed the process thoroughly. Not a lot of editing and/or judging. The mission was to have fun and put these words to music. I sent the chorus to Sienna and she loved it.  

Mission: Accomplished

I also went on Social Media to share the poem and song. Click on it below to watch the 6 minute video (and follow me on IG and FB)...

I know this song isn't going to be #1 on the charts. But it's not about that. It's about the fact that I created it. (co-created it with Sienna)

Is there something you're creating that could use more enjoyment and less editing/judging? Remember it's about the process. If you don't enjoy it, then what's the point?

If you feel like sharing what you're working on, I'd love to know! Share in the comments below.

All my creativity and love,