A letter to New York

(The corner where I used to live for 3 years)

Dear New York City,

I love you. I hate you. I lived in you for 7 years, and then left you. I couldn't deal with you anymore and I felt a calling to the west coast that I couldn't ignore. And now, 7 years later (do you notice a pattern with the number 7 or what?) I return to you. For how long, I have no idea.

In thinking of returning, all the reasons I left boil to the surface. Too many people, too much of a rat race, too much pressure, competition. Cold winters. These reasons make me question my return.

But I am 7 years older, wiser, stronger, I hope. There are reasons to come back. Family, a niece and nephew's childhood that I am missing out on, music opportunities, a room in Brooklyn with an old friend that was too good to pass up, a need for change.

I am excited and scared to be back in your depths. Excited to be in your hot summer nights, sitting on the side walk at 11pm in a tank top, day trips to the beach, your delicious restaurants, your abundance of taxi cabs, my anonymity, everyone's no- nonsense attitude, their straight forwardness, their un-flakiness. Old friends, new friends, new adventures.

I am scared to feel the pressures of such a big successful city, the pressures I put on myself, to be so close to my family that I love and that I have become so independent of, the unfriendliness of east coasters, the expenses of life, the quality of life so different than the one I have come to know in San Francisco, the WINTER. I am scared that I am seeking something no place can give me and thus I will be searching forever.

But I come to you with the the sole purpose of change, of igniting inspiration and adventure. I can come for a few months, or for longer. I come to Brooklyn, a place less intense than the city, or so I hear...or so I hope. I come to my niece and nephew who I miss dearly and whose lives I want to be in, to influence. I  come with the hope of simmering those reasons for leaving down. Perhaps they will only be confirmed and I will know that New York is not my city. But, I do not know that yet.

The future is unknown, new york. It feels good. It feels scary. It feels right. I'll bring it if you will.




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