1 year Later- BTS of "Weekend"

One year ago to the day (well yesterday) is when I was shooting my music video for “Weekend” in Coney Island. I don’t know why that makes me feel sad...perhaps it’s nostalgia, and not sadness. Mostly, because I want to do it again!

What a fun day. It was so amazing to see my dream and vision come to life. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. It was cold for April...there was loud music playing over the speakers so I couldn’t hear my song playing.

Getting everything done on time, casting, wardrobe. Not perfect. But I learned so much and I cherish that experience and the video so much! 

Looking back I would have done things differently. I rushed to get the video done by my bday which was only 2 weeks later.

Which means a lot of things got left in the dust. Like the BTS pictures and video! There was so much you DIDN’t see that was so much fun and was the real 411 of what goes on in a video shoot. If I were to do it all over again,  I would have taken to the time to roll it all out slowly.

I’m learning my lessons in patience and trust. Trust  and patience in both the creative process and in the timing of things. Not easy. But practice makes progress:)

AND there’s no time like the present right? Rolling backwards I guess you could say:)

This video and this song are so precious to me. I get so many comments about the song being so catchy and so good and should be on the radio. I agree!;)

I’ve asked Dj’s to play it, not telling them it was me singing, and they’re like who is this? And then I lay it on them. ME! Haha….they’re usually quite impressed;)

The video has gotten over 2000 views. So amazing! In honor of the one year anniversary AND my bday coming up, let’s try to double it!  Will you help me? It would be the best Bday present ever!

And not JUST for the video but for the song as well.

Summer is around the corner and it’s such the summer jam! Windows down, stereo blaring….dance parties at your house. “Weekend” is also on Spotify (and itunes).....add it to your playlists. Spread the word. Share share share. Let’s see what the power of community word of mouth can do.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the day on Coney Island. Enjoy….Video will be coming soon too….

Do this NOW: Share the video and/or song with 3 friends. AND On social media.

Here are some done for you tweets and posts to make it super easy to copy and paste:

@@@danacarmel's  “Weekend” is THE #summerjam #spreadtheword #RT #everynightisfridaynight #dontwannawaitfortheweekend http://bit.ly/1QyCVea@@

FB: My friend Dana Carmel’s song “weekend” is the #summerjam. All she wants for her bday is to spread the word and the song. Will you help celebrate her birthday by sharing too? http://bit.ly/1QyCVea

Thank you so much for supporting my mission and my goal to get this music out there! It truly means the world to me and I couldn't do it without you.

All my music and love,