I'm Dana

a singer, songwriter, spiritual hustla, creative soul, and curious cat. I'm dedicated to living my life full of heart, honesty, creativity and self-expression and to inspiring you to do the same. 

My mission (and this space in the interwebs) is devoted to sharing my stories, my lessons, tools, and of course songs to help YOU, the spiritually-minded songwriter, take a holistic approach to writing the best songs possible and to expressing your true self through your creativity. 

(It's also my excuse to totally geek out on music. My tried and true passion;)

As songwriters, we have been given such an amazing gift and talent to be able to use our words, our voices, and our songs to express ourselves. To take emotions, ideas or stories and give them that deeper meaning that the written or spoken word don’t convey the same way a song does.

Isn’t that so special? I feel so fortunate for the ability to turn to my guitar when I have no where else to turn. When I have emotions so icky that the only way to get through them is to sing about them.

Songwriting is a muscle that can be trained.

You wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect to leave fit. It’s the same thing with songwriting. And any other creative endeavor. You can’t write every once in a while and expect for your songs to rise to the top.

It takes consistent practice.  Just like everything else in life.  

Let's get started. I’d love to know what your songwriting hurdles are, so drop me an email at dana@danacarmel.com. Together we’ll jump over them. Until then….practice makes progress.

All my music and love,



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Read my Professional Bio (aka street cred) HERE.  

Dana Carmel studied music and romance languages (hola, bon giorno) at NYU and the streets of Brooklyn =) She has created 3 albums (Validity, The Difference and Little Red Heart) and is creator of "Song in your Box" a challenge to herself to create one song a week over the course of one year.  She loves writing music and performing live, and can be found in NYC writing music or playing in the subway station, or on her online shows. Follow Dana as she shares her own inspiration and love of inspiring others to do what they do best.